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DateTitleBible PassageSpeaker
None Can Compare
7.5.2017Infinite - the God of no limitsIsaiah 40:12-26David Gibson
14.5.2017Incomprehensible - the God of infinite mysteryJob 38David Gibson
21.5.2017Self-existent - the God of infinite lifeIsaiah 44:12-20David Gibson
28.5.2017Self-sufficient: the God of infinite provisionPsalm 50:7-15Ben Traynor
4.6.2017Eternal - the God of infinite daysEcclesiastes 3:1-17David Gibson
11.6.2017Unchanging - the God of infinite samenessPsalm 102David Gibson
18.6.2017Omnipresent - the God of infinite placePsalm 139Will Lind
25.6.2017Omniscient - the God of infinite knowledgeJob 38:39-39:30David Gibson
2.7.2017Omnipotent - the God of infinite powerExodus 5-6:8Ben Traynor
9.7.2017Sovereign - the God of infinite ruleDaniel 1Ben Traynor
Easter 2017
14.4.2017The King with the crownJohn 18:1-9, 18:28 - 19:27David Gibson
16.4.2017The Man with the keysRevelation 1:9-20David Gibson
16.4.2017The Lamb with the scrollRevelation 4 & 5David Gibson
Can we really trust the Gospels?
22.1.2017Can we really trust the Gospels?N/AAndrew Errington
Psalms of Ascent
8.1.2017Remembering forwardsPsalm 120David Gibson
15.1.2017Looking upwardsPsalm 121David Gibson
22.1.2017Reaching homePsalm 122David Gibson
29.1.2017Waiting longPsalm 123David Gibson
5.2.2017Whose side is God on?Psalm 124Ben Traynor
12.2.2017The encircling LordPsalm 125David Gibson
19.2.2017The joy of restorationPsalm 126Chris Roberts
26.2.2017A wasted lifePsalm 127Chris Roberts
5.3.2017Blessings and fruitfulnessPsalm 128Chris Roberts
19.3.2017Hating ZionPsalm 129David Gibson
26.3.2017Meet God’s friendsPsalm 130David Gibson
2.4.2017How to be childlikePsalm 131David Gibson
9.4.2017Zion’s KingPsalm 132Ben Traynor
23.4.2017Zion’s familyPsalm 133Ben Traynor
30.4.2017The only thing left to doPsalm 134David Gibson
Any Given Sunday
14.8.2016Not to us the glory: what is worship?Joshua 24David Gibson
21.8.2016Give us rest: Are Sundays special?Various PassagesDavid Gibson
28.8.2016Draw us Near: What is a Call to Worship?Psalm 100David Gibson
4.9.2016Make us new: why do we have Confession of Sin?Nehemiah 1David Gibson
11.9.2016Receive our praise: why do we sing what we sing?Colossians 3:1-17David Gibson
18.9.2016Send us out: what is a Benediction?Numbers 6 & Luke 24David Gibson
The Beatitudes
31.1.2016Be a treePsalm 1David Gibson
28.2.2016Kiss the kingPsalm 2David Gibson
6.3.2016Go for brokeMatthew 4:18 - 5:12David Gibson
13.3.2016Rend your heartMatthew 5:4David Gibson
20.3.2016Have it allMatthew 5:5David Gibson
27.3.2016Hunger for moreMatthew 5:6David Gibson
3.4.2016Give and GetMatthew 5:7David Gibson
17.4.2016Remove your maskMatthew 5:8David Gibson
24.4.2016Keep the peaceMatthew 5:9David Gibson
1.5.2016Suffer for ChristMatthew 5:10-16David Gibson
Union with Christ : His with us
29.11.2015He became human...Hebrews 2:5-18David Gibson
6.12.2015To dieHebrews 2:14-18David Gibson
13.12.2015To destroy the devilHebrews 2:14-18David Gibson
20.12.2015To set us freeHebrews 2:5-18David Gibson
Union with Christ : Ours with Him
3.1.2016My only comfortJohn 15:1-8David Gibson
10.1.2016United to him in his sufferingsActs 9:1-16David Gibson
17.1.2016United to him in his deathRomans 6:1-14David Gibson
24.1.2016United to him in his lifeColossians 3:1-17David Gibson
31.1.2016United to him in his gloryHebrews 10:11-18David Gibson
12.4.2015Jacob: On the runGenesis 27:41-28:22Harry Mealyea
12.4.2015Jacob: Winning and LosingGenesis 32:1-32Harry Mealyea
7.6.2015Not so...Genesis 4Taido Chino
12.7.2015un-CreationGenesis 6:9-9:17Taido Chino
12.7.2015Any of them they chose...Genesis 5-6:8Taido Chino
26.7.2015Name BuildingGenesis 9:18-11Taido Chino
17.7.2016One small step for manGenesis 11:27 - 12:9Will Lind
7.8.2016The meaning of baptismVariousDavid Gibson
2.7.2017Faith and the laughable promise of GodGenesis 18:1-15Andrew Errington
9.7.2017Faith and the terrible judgment of GodGenesis 18:16-19:29Andrew Errington
1 Kings
5.6.2016Knowing the real God1 Kings 18David Gibson
12.6.2016Hearing the silent God1 Kings 19David Gibson
2 Kings
10.4.2016Hidden in Plain Sight2 Kings 6:8-23Will Lind
16.8.2015Shattered and ShamedNehemiah 1:1-11David Gibson
23.8.2015Pray SchoolNehemiah 1:5-11David Gibson
30.8.2015Providence and PrudenceNehemiah 2David Gibson
6.9.2015Grand DesignsNehemiah 3David Gibson
13.9.2015Faint not, nor fearNehemiah 4David Gibson
27.9.2015Knowing GodNehemiah 5David Gibson
4.10.2015Dangers, toils, and snaresNehemiah 6:1-19David Gibson
11.10.2015The joy of the LordNehemiah 7:1-8:18David Gibson
8.11.2015The gifts of God’s graceNehemiah 9David Gibson
29.11.2015Roots and FruitsNehemiah 10David Gibson
3.1.2016Revival and Ruin (Part 1)Nehemiah 12:27 - 13:14David Gibson
10.1.2016Revival and Ruin (Part 2)Nehemiah 13:1-31David Gibson
17.8.2014What a wonderful worldJob 1:1-5David Gibson
24.8.2014How does God treat his friends?Job 1:6-2:10David Gibson
21.9.2014When believers long for deathJob 2:11-3:26David Gibson
5.10.2014A useless sermon from a kind friendJob 4:1-5:27David Gibson
26.10.2014The God-forsaken true worshipperJob 6:1-7:21David Gibson
2.11.2014The Trouble-Maker MakerJob 8:1-10:22David Gibson
9.11.2014We will see himJob 11&19David Gibson
30.11.2014Why being right matters so muchJob 29-31David Gibson
1.2.2015Let the answers beginJob 32&33David Gibson
8.2.2015The Poet in the StormJob 38David Gibson
15.2.2015The God at the edgesJob 38David Gibson
22.2.2015Nature, red in tooth and clawJob 38:39-39:30David Gibson
1.3.2015Meet two monstersJob 40-41David Gibson
15.3.2015The end of all thingsJob 42:7-17David Gibson
5.1.2014Despair, Delight and DeliverancePsalm 42-43David Gibson
8.6.2014The Lucky WickedPsalm 73David Gibson
29.6.2014The Good GodPsalm 73David Gibson
11.1.2015Wash me cleanPsalm 51David Gibson
25.1.2015With cheerful voicePsalm 100Peter Dickson
26.4.2015The Happy ManPsalm 1John Ferguson
19.7.2015Coping with StressPsalm 55Harry Mealyea
9.8.2015Seeing the way to beginPsalm 119:1-16Andrew Errington
18.10.2015Picture Praise GalleryPsalm 107Harry Mealyea
1.11.2015Knowing and being KnownPsalm 139Ben Traynor
21.2.2016Freedom on the wayPsalm 119:25-32Andrew Errington
21.2.2016The quest for integrityPsalm 119:73-80Andrew Errington
6.3.2016Song of PraisePsalm 148Andrew Randall
10.4.2016Joy to the worldPsalm 98Will Lind
12.6.2016The wedding you cant wait forPsalm 45Adam Wilson
19.6.2016Finding refuge in GodPsalm 16Andrew Errington
10.7.2016Waiting and SingingPsalm 33David Gibson
24.7.2016Am I going to make it?Psalm 121Andy Ritson
9.10.2016Restore usPsalm 80Duncan Ryan
16.10.2016Delighting in Gods wordPsalm 119:1-16Ben Traynor
Song of Songs
15.5.2016How (not) to get lost in your longingsSong of Songs 1:1-17David Gibson
22.5.2016In his shadeSong of Songs 1:1-2:7David Gibson
29.5.2016Sex and SensibilitySong of Songs 2:8-3:11David Gibson
5.6.2016Pure SexSong of Songs 4:1-5:16David Gibson
26.6.2016Beautiful bodies and longing heartsSong of Songs 6:1-8:4David Gibson
3.7.2016Love is ...Song of Songs 8:5-14David Gibson
6.10.2013When God accuses his peopleIsaiah 1:1-31David Gibson
13.10.2013What should have beenIsaiah 2:1-2Peter Dickson
3.11.2013Love ActuallyIsaiah 6:1-13David Gibson
10.11.2013The message becomes the messengerIsaiah 6:1-13Peter Dickson
24.11.2013Smug man; weak decisionIsaiah 7:1-17Peter Dickson
1.12.2013Immanuel's DangerIsaiah 8:1-22David Gibson
15.12.2013Immanuel's PeaceIsaiah 9:1-7David Gibson
22.12.2013Immanuel's ReignIsaiah 11:1-16David Gibson
19.1.2014To end all warsIsaiah 13:1-14:2David Gibson
26.1.2014The Prince of EgyptIsaiah 19:1-25David Gibson
9.2.2014The Valley of VisionIsaiah 22:1-25David Gibson
23.2.2014The Poverty of WealthIsaiah 23:1-18David Gibson
2.3.2014Listen to the SilenceIsaiah 24:1-23David Gibson
9.3.2014Listen to the SingingIsaiah 25:1-12David Gibson
16.3.2014City LifeIsaiah 26:1-27:13David Gibson
23.3.2014This is the place of restIsaiah 28:1-22David Gibson
30.3.2014What God hatesIsaiah 28:23-29:24David Gibson
6.4.2014Misplaced TrustIsaiah 30:1-33Taido Chino
4.5.2014Which way now?Isaiah 34:1-35:10David Gibson
11.5.2014Pride comes before a fallIsaiah 36:1-37:38David Gibson
25.5.2014When our faith is fragileIsaiah 38:1-39:8David Gibson
15.3.2015Here is your God!Isaiah 40:1-11David Gibson
22.3.2015The Incomparable GodIsaiah 40:12-26David Gibson
29.3.2015The Everlasting GodIsaiah 40:27-31David Gibson
3.5.2015God helps those who cannot help themselvesIsaiah 41:1-29David Gibson
10.5.2015Meet God's ServantIsaiah 42:1-17David Gibson
17.5.2015The happy future of the churchIsaiah 42:18-43:21David Gibson
24.5.2015The true religion of the churchIsaiah 43:22-44:23David Gibson
31.5.2015The surprising safety of the churchIsaiah 44:24-45:25David Gibson
14.6.2015The Splendour of the ServantIsaiah 49:1-13David Gibson
21.6.2015The obedience of the ServantIsaiah 49:14-50:11David Gibson
28.6.2015Great ExpectationsIsaiah 51:1-16David Gibson
The suffering Servant: Why did Jesus have to die?
9.8.2015His enigmaIsaiah 52:13-15David Gibson
16.8.2015His rejectionIsaiah 53:1-3David Gibson
23.8.2015His missionIsaiah 53:4-6David Gibson
30.8.2015His obedienceIsaiah 53:7-9David Gibson
6.9.2015His deliveranceIsaiah 53:10-12David Gibson
Isaiah Continued
25.9.2016Sing for JoyIsaiah 54:1-17David Gibson
2.10.2016The world we all needIsaiah 55:1-13David Gibson
9.10.2016Salvation for OthersIsaiah 56:1-8Duncan Ryan
6.11.2016New World OrderIsaiah 60:1-22David Gibson
13.11.2016More can be mended than we knowIsaiah 61:1-11David Gibson
4.12.2016Gods Day of Vengeance and RedemptionIsaiah 63:1-14Ben Traynor
11.12.2016If I were God, I would make myself clearerIsaiah 63:15-64:12David Gibson
8.1.2017The curse in reverseIsaiah 65:1-25David Gibson
15.1.2017Mother JerusalemIsaiah 66David Gibson
2.8.2015The God who LovesHosea 1-3Stuart Keir
17.5.2015Habakkuk's complaint and the Lord's answerHabakkuk 1:1-5Martin Goldsmith
23.10.2016Habakkuks Complaint and The Lords AnswerHabakkuk 1:1-2:2Will Lind
23.10.2016Habakkuks PrayerHabakkuk 2:2-3:19Will Lind
21.12.2014The Beauty of Christ: Light and LifeMalachi 4:1-5David Gibson
12.1.2014Being DisciplesMatthew 7:1-12Peter Dickson
24.1.2016FearlessMatthew 6:25-34Taido Chino
19.6.2016A new GenesisMatthew 1:18-25Adam Wilson
26.6.2016Blessings of BaptismMatthew 3:11-17Adam Wilson
3.7.2016Lead us not into temptationMatthew 4:1-11Adam Wilson
17.7.2016The God who keeps it simpleMatthew 11:25-30Will Lind
11.8.2013The King is here!Mark 1:1-13David Gibson
18.8.2013The Priorities of the KingMark 1:14-45David Gibson
25.8.2013The Scandal of ForgivenessMark 2:1-3:6Peter Dickson
1.9.2013Following JesusMark 2:1-3:6David Gibson
8.9.2013Insider, outsiderMark 3:20-35David Gibson
15.9.2013The Secret of the KingdomMark 4:1-34Peter Dickson
22.9.2013When Jesus speaksMark 4:35-5:43Peter Dickson
29.9.2013Satan comes and takes away the wordMark 6:1-29Peter Dickson
6.10.2013Lost Sheep & Frightened ShepherdsMark 6:30-56Peter Dickson
13.10.2013Christ Jesus makes you wholeMark 7:1-30David Gibson
3.11.2013Why are you talking about that?Mark 7:31-8:21Peter Dickson
10.11.2013Seeing is followingMark 8:22-9:1David Gibson
24.11.2013The glory of the SonMark 9:1-13David Gibson
1.12.2013Confusion meets clarityMark 9:14-50Peter Dickson
26.1.2014How to receive the KingdomMark 10:1-31David Gibson
9.2.2014How to receive the KingdomMark 10:1-31David Gibson
16.2.2014What can Jesus do for you?Mark 10:32-52Taido Chino
23.2.2014Why Jesus hates religionMark 11:1-25David Gibson
2.3.2014Q&A with JesusMark 11:27-12:12David Gibson
9.3.2014Any more questions?Mark 12:13-34Taido Chino
16.3.2014What Jesus can seeMark 12:35-44David Gibson
23.3.2014Keep watch!Mark 13:1-37David Gibson
30.3.2014Putting a price on JesusMark 14:1-11David Gibson
4.5.2014A Table for Traitors and CowardsMark 14:12-31David Gibson
11.5.2014The surrendering SaviourMark 14:32-51David Gibson
18.5.2014The innocent and majestic KingMark 14:53-15:20David Gibson
24.5.2015Jesus' Compassion and Power and Our ResponseMark 4:35-5:20Andy Ritson
20.3.2016The Temple and a TreeMark 11:1-21David Gibson
27.3.2016The Temple and a TombMark 15:33-16:8David Gibson
31.7.2016Fear and Love in the heart of darknessMark 5:1-20Andrew Errington
31.7.2016Jesus Raises a Dead Girl and Heals a Sick WomanMark 5:21-43Andrew Errington
8.3.2015The Temptations of ChristLuke 4:1-13Paul Reed
18.10.2015A crucial questionLuke 18:18-30Harry Mealyea
6.12.2015The sinful woman and Simon the phariseeLuke 7:36-50Andrew Errington
13.12.2015Nothing is impossible with GodLuke 1:26-38David Gibson
17.1.2016It is (not) a beautiful day in the neighbourhoodLuke 10:25-37Taido Chino
27.11.2016What God wants for ChristmasLuke 1:39-45David Gibson
4.12.2016What Mary felt at ChristmasLuke 1:46-56David Gibson
11.12.2016What Zechariah knew at ChristmasLuke 1:57-80David Gibson
18.12.2016What the Angels brought at ChristmasLuke 2:1-20Ben Traynor
18.12.2016What Simeon saw and what Simeon saidLuke 2:25-40David Gibson
22.1.2017The Son and the swordLuke 2:25-52David Gibson
29.1.2017The Son and the surpriseLuke 3:1-20Ben Traynor
5.2.2017The Son and the serpentLuke 3:21 - 4:13David Gibson
12.2.2017The Son and the sermonLuke 4:14-40David Gibson
26.2.2017The Son and the silenceLuke 4:31-44David Gibson
5.3.2017The Son and the summonsLuke 5:1-32Ben Traynor
19.3.2017The Son and the Sabbath Luke 5:33-6:11David Gibson
26.3.2017The lifestyle of the KingdomLuke 6:12-26David Gibson
2.4.2017Two ways to liveLuke 6:27-49David Gibson
9.4.2017The Son and salvationLuke 7:1-35Ben Traynor
23.4.2017The Son and the scandalLuke 7:36-50David Gibson
30.4.2017The Son and seedLuke 8:1-18David Gibson
7.5.2017The Son in the heart of darknessLuke 8:19-56David Gibson
14.5.2017The most deadly of glorious journeysLuke 9:1-27David Gibson
21.5.2017The most glorious of deadly journeysLuke 9:27-62David Gibson
28.5.2017The privilege of the gospelLuke 10:1-24Andrew Errington
4.6.2017All you need is loveLuke 10:25-37David Gibson
11.6.2017Blueprint for disciplesLuke 10:38 - 11:13David Gibson
18.6.2017Who is on the Lord’s side?Luke 11:14-36Will Lind
25.6.2017Easy chairs, hard wordsLuke 11:37-54David Gibson
5.1.2014What Jesus wants for his peopleJohn 17:1-26David Gibson
28.12.2014The God who understandsJohn 6:1-15Peter Dickson
3.4.2016Following a tender MasterJohn 21:1-25David Gibson
5.4.2015The Right ManActs 3:1-26David Gibson
19.7.2015A Gospel CommunicatorActs 17:16-34Harry Mealyea
12.3.2017The shape of Gospel ministry: Paul’s exampleActs 20:17-38Andy Gemmill
12.3.2017The shape of Gospel ministry: Paul’s instructionsActs 20:28-38Andy Gemmill
1 Corinthians
17.8.2014The Ambiguous Church1 Corinthians 1:1-17David Gibson
24.8.2014The Ambiguous Cross1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5David Gibson
31.8.2014Ambiguous Wisdom1 Corinthians 2:6-16Taido Chino
7.9.2014The End of Deception1 Corinthians 3:1-23Taido Chino
14.9.2014Who do you think you are?1 Corinthians 4:1-17David Gibson
21.9.2014What do you think you are doing?1 Corinthians 4:18-5:13David Gibson
5.10.2014True Christian Freedom1 Corinthians 6:1-20David Gibson
26.10.2014Pure Sex1 Corinthians 7:1-40David Gibson
2.11.2014Me, my rights, and you1 Corinthians 8:1-9:23David Gibson
9.11.2014I give thee back the life I owe1 Corinthians 9:24-11:1David Gibson
16.11.2014Corinthian bodily harm1 Corinthians 11:2-34David Gibson
1.2.2015The Charismatic Christian1 Corinthians 12:1-31David Gibson
8.2.2015The Adult Christian1 Corinthians 13David Gibson
15.2.2015The Speaking Christian1 Corinthians 14David Gibson
22.2.2015A tomb with a view1 Corinthians 15:1-34David Gibson
1.3.2015A body to die for1 Corinthians 15:35-58David Gibson
8.3.2015The Unambiguous Church1 Corinthians 16David Gibson
19.2.2017If Jesus was raised...1 Corinthians 15Jonathan Clark
2 Corinthians
13.9.2015Weakness is the way2 Corinthians 1:1-11David Gibson
20.9.2015The Measure of a Ministry2 Corinthians 1:12-2:4Andrew Randall
27.9.2015Love Hurts2 Corinthians 2:5-11David Gibson
4.10.2015Neither profit, nor praise2 Corinthians 2:12 - 3:3David Gibson
11.10.2015Even more glorious2 Corinthians 3:4-18David Gibson
25.10.2015Servants, not Surgeons2 Corinthians 4:1-6David Gibson
1.11.2015Death, not life2 Corinthians 4:7-11David Gibson
8.11.2015Unseen, not seen2 Corinthians 4:13-18David Gibson
15.11.2015Clothed, not unclothed2 Corinthians 5:1-10David Gibson
7.2.2016The Method in the Madness2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2David Gibson
14.2.2016Candidates and Credentials2 Corinthians 6:3-10David Gibson
28.2.2016Open wide your hearts1 Corinthians 6:11-7:1David Gibson
13.3.2016When God intends your tears1 Corinthians 7:2-16David Gibson
17.4.2016The grace of giving2 Corinthians 8:1-15David Gibson
24.4.2016The grace of generosity2 Corinthians 8:16-9:15David Gibson
1.5.2016The boasting minister2 Corinthians 10:1-18David Gibson
8.5.2016The wise minister2 Corinthians 11:1-15David Gibson
15.5.2016The foolish minister2 Corinthians 11:16-33David Gibson
22.5.2016The weak minister2 Corinthians 12:1-10David Gibson
29.5.2016The tested church2 Corinthians 12:11-13:14David Gibson
7.8.2016Thanksgiving and PrayerColossians 1:1-14Taido Chino
21.8.2016Spiritual Fullness in ChristColossians 2:1-3:4Taido Chino
28.8.2016Living as Those Made Alive in ChristColossians 3:5-4:6Taido Chino
20.11.2016The Supremacy of the Son of GodColossians 1:15-23Paul Levy
19.4.2015Brothers shaped by the Spirit of the CrossGalatians 5:25-6:10Rupert Hunt-Taylor
19.4.2015Ministry marked by the scars of the CrossGalatians 6:11-18Rupert Hunt-Taylor
1 Thessalonians
3.8.2014Love that Labours (Part 1)1 Thessalonians 2:1-16David Gibson
3.8.2014Love that Labours (Part 2)1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13David Gibson
10.8.2014Love that Pleases (Part 1)1 Thessalonians 4:1-5:11David Gibson
10.8.2014Love that Pleases (Part 2)1 Thessalonians 5:12-28David Gibson
5.7.2015Loving Evangelism1 Thessalonians 2:1-16Duncan Ryan
1 Timothy
26.4.2015The Happy God1 Timothy 1:1-11John Ferguson
16.7.2017The power of the GospelPhilemon 1-7Duncan Ryan
16.7.2017The cost of reconciliationPhilemon 8-25Duncan Ryan
20.9.2015Firm in the Faith of our FathersHebrews 11-12:2Andrew Randall
1 Peter
22.3.2015Chosen Strangers1 Peter 1:1-2David Gibson
29.3.2015Coming Salvation1 Peter 1:3-12David Gibson
3.5.2015Loving Siblings1 Peter 1:13-2:3David Gibson
10.5.2015Living Stones1 Peter 2:4-10David Gibson
31.5.2015Purposeful Submission1 Peter 2:13-3:7David Gibson
14.6.2015Innocent Suffering1 Peter 3:8-4:19David Gibson
21.6.2015Humble Serving1 Peter 5David Gibson
1 John
4.9.2016Are you sure?1 John 1:1-7David Gibson
11.9.2016The Enlightened Christian1 John 1:5 - 2:11Will Lind
18.9.2016A tale of two loves1 John 2:12-17David Gibson
2.10.2016Destination perfection1 John 2:28-3:10David Gibson
16.10.2016More on Love and Hatred1 John 3:10-24Ben Traynor
6.11.2016Assurance of Eternal Life1 John 5Ben Traynor
2 John
13.11.2016Walking well2 JohnDavid Gibson
3 John
27.11.2016Copying Well3 JohnDavid Gibson
28.6.2015I am the GreatestRevelation 1Will Lind
26.7.2015The City that never sleepsRevelation 21:1-22:5Will Lind
15.11.2015Tears into JoyRevelation 5Simon Arscott
24.7.2016Is it really worth it?Revelation 21:1-22:5Andy Ritson
20.11.2016A New Heaven and a New EarthRevelation 21-22Paul Levy
Weekend Away 2015
20.11.2015Moses: An unlikely heroExodus 2Duncan Ryan
21.11.2015Moses: his maturingExodus 32Duncan Ryan
22.11.2015Moses: his motivations Exodus 33Duncan Ryan
Me, my money, and God
1.6.2014ContentmentProverbsDavid Gibson
8.6.2014LoveMarkDavid Gibson
15.6.2014Example2 Corinthians 8-9David Gibson
29.6.2014PeopleMatthew 23:1-24David Gibson
No, Yes, Maybe
31.8.2014No2 Kings 17:7-20Taido Chino
7.9.2014YesJohn 1:1-18Taido Chino
31.8.2014MaybeJohn 7:1-43Taido Chino
Easter 2014
20.4.2014Jesus' resurrection and ours1 Corinthians 15David Gibson
20.4.2014Jesus' resurrection and oursActs 9:1-19David Gibson