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Destiny: Learning to live by Preparing to Die

Destiny aims to prepare the reader to find joy and satisfaction in God’s good gifts by putting all life in the perspective of our deaths. It takes us through the book of Ecclesiastes in a way that helps us internalise the deep lessons of wisdom and common sense it contains – most of all, the realisation of the brevity of our lives and the limits on our power and understanding. It is a book about gaining true wisdom.

New City Catechism

New City Catechism


The New City Catechism is available in two print editions published by Crossway. The original book features short and long versions of all 52 questions and answers and is perfect for use in both the home and the church. The devotional edition pairs each question and answer with a Scripture reading, a short prayer, and a devotional commentary, making it ideal for personal reading and meditation.

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Mercy on Every Side

John Calvin’s doctrine of election, though well known, is not well understood. Many assume they know what Calvin means by the doctrine without listening carefully to his treatment of it in his Institutes of the Christian Religion. Calvin’s aim was not simply to explain the meaning of Christian doctrines, but to provide an interpretive key for reading the Bible.

by David Gibson | Desiring God

Three Symptoms of a Dying Church

One of the defining marks of a dying church is that the people in it don’t realize it’s dying.

by David Gibson | Desiring God

You Do Not Have Much Time

Time is something given to us that we often don’t fully appreciate until we don’t have much left. But the wise will ask God how to use it.

by David Gibson | Desiring God

Let Death Teach You How to Live

We live in a culture that ignores death, denies death, and hides death from view. But we will only truly live if we learn to meet death in advance.

by David Gibson | Desiring God

Is All Really Vanity?

The apparent bleakness and pessimism in Ecclesiastes has long baffled interpreters of Scripture. Some even argue that book’s epilogue corrects the “unorthodox” theology in the middle. But Christians need not discard the body of Ecclesiastes as the musings of a cynic.

by David Gibson | Desiring God

For Us and For Our Salvation

The message of salvation is the story of two Adams. “For as by the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, so by the one man’s obedience the many will be made righteous” (Rom. 5:19). What the first Adam undid, the second Adam repairs. But who is this second Adam, and what kind of person must He be to do this? Why is He—and only He—able to obey in this way?

by David Gibson | Table Talk Magazine

The Surprising Tree

In Genesis 2:9 we first hear about the tree of life. We don’t know too much about it, other than that it is the midst of the garden of Eden and that Adam and Eve are barred from it after the fall, lest they eat from it and live forever. The tree, now hopelessly out of reach, seems capable of bestowing eternal life. So from Genesis 3 onward, the tree of life is a symbol of what we’ve lost, an unending life of joyful dependence on God, enjoying him and his good gifts forever.

by David Gibson | New Growth Press

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In September 2018, we purchased Queen Street Church in the heart of Aberdeen’s city-centre and we are preparing to renovate and restore the premises as Trinity’s permanent church home for generations to come.


If you have any questions or require any further information about the building project, please email

Trinity Church, 79 Queen Street, AB10 1AN

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Leaving a Legacy for the Gospel


The finances of the church are handled by The Cruden Trust. All offerings and regular giving of the church family to Trinity all go through the Trust who supports the work of the church and some other Christian ministries.


We would encourage members and friends of Trinity Church, Aberdeen to give, wherever possible, by Gift Aid and by regular monthly giving, both of which can be set up by clicking below:

Standing Order

If you are not using internet banking you may wish to set up a standing order by sending your request in writing to your bank, or by visiting your branch and setting it up.


Correspondence should be sent to:
The Treasurer
Trinity Church
10 Urquhart Road
AB24 5LL

Thanksgiving Offerings

In addition to our regular giving to the Church we also have Thanksgiving Offerings which are taken up twice each year for various Ministries and Charities at Easter & Christmas each year.


We commend these offerings to you as a means of expressing our gratitude to God and supporting local and international Christian Work which we pray for regularly and support. Please use the Gift Aid Envelopes which you will find in church for this purpose.

Confidentiality & information

Please be assured that the details of your giving will always be handled with great care and confidence. There are only a handful of staff in the church office who ever know the details of the giving by members.


We are happy to help with any aspect of giving to the Lord’s work and you should feel free to contact us at any time if you would like to discuss your giving:

For Supporters in the United States

Support of Trinity Church is an approved purpose of the Presbyterian Church in America Foundation. USA givers may give for such support using the PCAF’s online donation programme.


Trinity PCAF page to make your online gift to the PCA Foundation for benefit of the Trinity Church Aberdeen__Scotland, UK single charity fund #10312.


The linked page also includes information about making gifts of marketable securities or other non-cash gifts.

Church Office
Trinity Church
10 Urquhart Road
AB24 5LL

The Cruden Trust is a registered Scottish Charity (SC041966)


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