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A key aspect of our future vision is to positively develop Ministry skills for the future. The new library will be a key resource for our trainees. Mid-week, our multipurpose classrooms can be used for small group work and the Creche will form a lounge space for staff to relax in. The refurbishment of the flat will give space for up to 3 trainees to stay on site, keeping costs under control and enhancing security.


Larger training events will incorporate our classrooms, the Cruden Hall, and indeed St Andrews Hall giving us a range of conference facilities.

‘Alas, Madam! Is the scripture more plain in any one thing, than that the Gospel of Christ should be plentifully preached; and that plenty of labourers should be sent into the Lord’s harvest; which, being great and large, standeth in need not of a few, but many workers.’ – Edmund Grindal, letter to Queen Elizabeth I, 1576

Church Office
Trinity Church
10 Urquhart Road
AB24 5LL

The Cruden Trust is a registered Scottish Charity (SC041966)


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